Ali Bozorgmehr was born in Neishabour Persia modern day Iran.  Neishabour is the birthplace of countless legendary artists including Omar Khayyam.  As a young child Bozorgmehr mastered the art of Persian calligraphy. His mastery of this technique, lead him to develop his distinctive style that he calls Zibanegar  “ Lyrical Painting”. Bozorgmehr’s signature in most of his paintings is of one or more deer. These graceful animals are reminders of his childhood in Neishabour. The deer and gazelle have become romantic symbols in his painting.  Bozorgmehr’s artwork is an amalgamation of calligraphy and painting.  He incorporates epic poetry of Rumi, Hafez, Omar Khayyam and many other poets into his work.  His work is organic, extremely expressive and completely transforms the viewer.  One cannot just walk by one of his pieces.  It grabs the attention of your soul and tugs at your heart. Portraying the range of human emotions, Bozorgmehr’s art speaks a universal truth and brings the message of peace, friendship and love to those who see his work.  If this experience allows he viewers to let go of greed, doubt, and jealousy while enjoying his work he feels he has succeeded in what he wants to do in life. With his intimate secret communion with Persian calligraphy, Bozorgmehr transfers the tender melodies within himself into the art forms you see today; images that are conveyed to the souls of the people eager to experience this unique art. To capture in words the majestic beauty of these paintings is almost impossible.  How can one describe the human soul in a few words or speak of the pure emotion and pleasure that come with the experience of these masterpieces? Would one try to explain the pleasure of a sunset, when the sea opens her arms lovingly to embrace the sun? How would one explain the pleasure of this love affair? How might one capture the warmth and playful game of the wind as it quietly steals through a clear morning and whispers to every flower of the secret pleasures that the darkness of the night bygone has taken away? Such would be impossible as to stopping the happy song of the river as it goes to join the beloved sea. It is that impossible to explainkkf in words the work of this artist. Truly his work must be experienced in person to be known.  “Ali Bozorgmehr as an artist has taken traditional Persian calligraphy as a starting point and has used it in a creative and original way to form lyrically rhythmic abstract patterns. His approach is unique and his unusual talent is evident.” —Introduction by By Shahrnaz Nancy Southwick